Download Free Yahoo Mail Applications, Zimbra 1

Some of web accounts like Yahoo Mail doesn’t support or doesn’t have PO3 or IMAP protocols, forcing users to use the email from the web, unless, to pay a Premium account.

Download the applications here:

But now there is a free application called Zimbra Desktop which allows users to use their emails locally. Zimbra Desktop is a multiplatform, a service or an email server built in an open source.

Zimbra software is open source, meaning we make both the software code and the application itself available to anyone at no charge. Also, Zimbra Desktop is a full version; there are no missing features or catches. Enjoy!

This free application is completely compatible with Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL or other service that uses POP/IMAP protocols. This application has also a calendar and a schedule. So, this incredible tool is indispensable for all users that are using Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop is an offline client that lets you manage your various email accounts in one desktop tool. Zimbra mail, Yahoo! mail, Gmail, AOL, Outlook and any other work or personal email account using POP or IMAP is easy to set up in Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop. Each account is separately maintained.

After you set up your accounts, your email messages are downloaded to your computer and can be accessed whether you are connected to the Internet or not. See Working Offline. Email messages in all your accounts can be read, replied to, forwarded and deleted from Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop. Mail storage is based on your computer’s disk space, not on a pre-defined account quota.

When you receive new email messages in any of your accounts, if you have internet access, the message is automatically downloaded to your Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop. You do not need to open Desktop to make this happen. An envelope icon displays in the Windows Tray or in the Mac Dock row that shows the total number of unread messages across all of your accounts. Click the icon to open the desktop application.


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