Stewart Island, New Zealand

If you are interested in visiting one of New Zealand’s most remote locations, then Stewart Island should be on your must do list. Its distance from anywhere means this untouched paradise has a very small population, making it perfect for those wanting a holiday away from civilisation. Stewart Island is accessed either by plane from Invercargill or by ferry from Bluff.

New Zealand’s third largest island is almost totally made up of national park. Rakiura National Park covers 85% of the island leaving little space for habitation by human. Instead Stewart Island has become a haven for the kiwi and other native birds. One really special place to visit is Ulva Island, not too far from Oban, which is the main settlement of Stewart Island. Here you will see many types of New Zealand native birds – watch out for the cheeky weka.

Other than bird watching, other popular activities on the island include day walks – there are plenty of tracks accessible from Oban or go on a kayaking tour to explore the many coves and bays. Find a holiday house tucked into the bush to listen to the native bird song and make the most of being away from it all.



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One Response to Stewart Island, New Zealand

  1. Catherine says:

    I have been to Stewart Island.
    it is one of New Zealands best kept secrets.
    even us kiwis don’t know how beautiful it really is =)

    thanks for sharing it with the world.
    it deserves to be shown off =)

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