Southland, South Island New Zealand

Southland is the part of South Island New Zealand, at the bottom of the island and close to Dunedin and Otago Peninsula.

More than one quarter of Southland is protected within the Fiordland and Rakiura National Parks, and numerous smaller parks and reserves. The rest of Southland is lush, green farmland with small and medium-sized towns scattered around. The southern coastline is a continuous parade of dramatic views, sandy beaches, rocky headlands and an incredible variety of marine and bird life.

Some of Southland’s more popular destinations have their own very informative websites. Click on these links to learn more specific information about Invercargill, Stewart Island, the Catlins, the Southern Scenic Route, Northern Southland, Fiordland and Western Southland.

Southland has experienced remarkable growth and development in recent years and boasts a range of world-class facilities, many initiatives of regional benefit and an expanding range of visitor attractions that feature some of the most distinctive landscapes in the country.

Farming, forestry and horticulture form the region’s economic base, but Southland also has a diversity of manufacturing for export. It is one of the fastest growing tourist regions in New Zealand due to its unspoilt nature and wide recognition of it being a place to restore the soul. Southlanders are friendly, honest, hard-working and hospitable people – so come and find out about our many secrets that we would love to share with you.


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