Wellington, Four Seasons in One Day

Wellington is very unique city. It is known as “Windy City”, because the wind blows strongly and every time. The weather also terrible, four seasons can happen in one day, winter, summer, spring and autumn. Very cold at the night, little bit cold in the morning, hot and sunny at noon and very shower or heavy rain in the evening.

We have to read the weather forecast every day that is published in newspapers, website and telephone. The forecast usually is provided for two or three days. We can use the forecast if we want to arrange activities.

In spring season, summer and autumn are the most interesting season in Wellington. Most of the restaurants, cafes, accommodation agents also offered open space to service the customers. The Cuba Street and and The Courtenay Place are the busy places in summer. There are many tourists and citizens spend much money in both of the places.

In winter, open spaces are not too busy. Many people do not like spend their time outside the restaurants and cafes. They will choose inside them to enjoy their lunch or dinner inside because it is warmer and more comfortable than outside.

However, some restaurants and cafes provide heaters outside in the open space. They install heater outside to service the customer if inside very full and busy. Wearing warm clothes and jackets are the most important thing to eat our dinner outside the restaurant or cafe.


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