The Karori Sanctuary, Wellington

The Karori Sanctuary offer an opportunity to see New Zealand’s rarest animal dan wildlife in its natural environment. Tucked away in a forrest-clad valley just ten minutes from Central Wellington. We can go there by hire a car or by cable car.

By bus is the cheapest choice, we can buy the day tripper ticket with five dollars New Zealand. Day tripper ticket is designed to give us freedom to go around Wellington by using one ticket. In every bus station we will able to get off and caught bus anywhere that we want by show the ticket to the driver.

The Karori Sanctuary is the place to protect original New Zealand wildlife. Kiwi is one of them. Tour provide us encounters with birds and reptiles normally just found on offshore island, and a chance to learn about unique vision to turn back the clock to the time before humans arrived.

Walking track is include a cruise accros the lower lake and change to look New Zealand’s living dinosaur the Tuatara. The best time to running the tour is when darkness has settled, if we lucky we can see the New Zealand’s national mascot, that is Kiwi. Over 100 Kiwi live in this park, so there is a good change of spotting one.

There are differences of price between day and night tours. We can go there in day time and the ticket to enter there only NZ$ 14, but in the night we have to pay more, Nz$ 60 to see Kiwi birds.


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