Download ThunderBird 2.0, Email Program

Download ThunderBird 2.0, click here.

ThunderBird is a Free Windows Email Client for everyone who wants to use it. I highly recommend it for anyone who uses personal email, and wants to keep everything organized, without much fuss.

It has a slew of features such as:

  • Easy to organize all your email in folders.
  • Tag and color code your email messages.
  • Show message history, so you can view the e-mail that went back and forth like a conversation.
  • Search quickly and easily throughout all your emails with powerful in email and search within all of your folders.
  • Saved your searches so you can find what you already found quickly and easily.
  • Phishing protection and privacy protection.
  • Powerful spam filtering system.
  • Automated updates that keeps everything up to date automatically.
  • Open source so there is a community working on it all the time.
  • RSS feed reader built in.

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