Goa Terawang (Terawang Cave), Blora – Central Java Indonesia

It is a set of caves that consist of 6 caves in one area. The whole area has a 13ha in size with 1 (one) main cave, 1 (one) lake, and 5 (five) smaller caves as the attractions.

These caves are located 32km to the west of Blora downtown or 107km from Semarang. The road access going there is smooth and well asphalted. It can be reached from Semarang-Purwodadi-Wirosari to Kunduran and right in the intersection of Puskesmas (Health Clinic Operated by Government) Kunduran take a left turn for another 8km.

Another way to reach this caves are taking a minibus Blora-Todanan route (easy to find during day time) Terawang Cave has a cool, fresh air and beautiful forest scenery. During the dry season its temperature are 21 celcius degree while most part in Java is already climbed up for exceeding 35.

This cave diameter is range from 3 to 18 meters. It is quite a long cave and the length even almost 600 meters long.

Sources: http://www.javatourism.com


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