Dieng Temples, Groups of Temple in Dieng Plateu Indonesia

Indonesia have many temple archeological remains. One of them is Dieng Temples Group, consists of four group of temple. Located in Dieng Plateu, Central Java.

This Temple Group is consisted of five temples which are built in two parallel lines.The eastern line consist of four,mostly facing westward respectively the temples of Arjuna,Srikandi,Puntadewa and Sembadra.While, the western line temple which stands face to face with Arjuna Temple.At these temple are depicted about the accon panying Dieties of Siwa.While at the Srikandi is depicted on the recess of the temple about all the main deities if Hinduism,they are Brahmana,Siwa and Wisnu.

Group of Gatotkaca Temple located in foothills Pangonan, on the westside of Balekambang Lake.
Initially, this group consisted of. 6 temples, there are Sentyaki Temple , Petruk Temple , Antareja Temple, Sadewa Temple and Gantutkaca Temple.
According to its architecture,gatotokaca Temple was built after Srikandi Temple. This matter look from way of doorstep location, foot/feet, number of alcove, building layout.

Group Temple of located Bima about 750 metre toward the south Temple of Gatotkaca Bima temple built in 6 AD is unique in two respects. Apart from its resemblance to the temple architecture of India, Bima temple also has a gate that looks to the east, while other temples on the plateau looks toward the west. It is believed that this site was a holy site, or a point of contact with the immortals. That’s why, propagators of Hinduism from India built a spiritual center at this location.

Group of Dwarawati Temple located between others temples, built in slope of mountain bukit Perahu. In this location, in the past time there are two temple Dwarawati and Parikesit that restorated in 1955 and 1980. Dwarawati Temple has the size of groun plan 5,3 m X 5,3 m. Those temple look like Gatotkaca temple. Located 1 Km from area of Arjuna Temple.

Resources: http://www.central-java-tourism.com/en/places-candi.php


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