Travel to Cuba Street – Wellington NZ, The Revenge of Pedestrian

Download map of Cuba Street, click here.

When Wellington’s Cuba Mall opened in 1969 it was the first New Zealand to be transformed by the removal of traffic. Cuba Street had once been a popular shopping area, but after World War (1939-1945), spreading suburbia drew people away from central city.

In 1965, the street suffered a further blow with the withdrawal of tram service. However, while the street was closed to remove the tram tracks, retailers soon notice that the lack of traffic was an attraction. Sales increased and letters to newspaper showed the public liked the temporary pedestrian mall. The Cuba Street Businessman’s Association presented a petition signed by more than 5000 people to The Wellington City Council requesting that the mall become permanent. The City Council agreed.

Since the mall has been revamped. The prominent signs that marked each and have been removed, but the mall’s most controversial feature, the Bucket Fountain, has survived. Critics detest the icon, but intrigued tourists and children love it.


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  1. International Traveling Specialist says:

    Cuba Street is very marvelous. Easy to get every thing what you want

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