Download Sample Size Determination in Health Studies

This help file is designed to assist you when you have problems with the program’s interface. For examples and descriptions of each estimation or table, please click on the Examples button in the main window.
The math engine used in the estimate section uses numeric methods that do not guarantee an answer for inverse calculations under extreme conditions. (Here, inverse calculations mean finding any parameter other than the sample size. The accuracy of sample sizes are guaranteed if the other parameters are mathematically valid.)
All formulae are expressed in terms of sample size, n (eg. n=zP/d) and the remaining terms are approximated to 1E-15 where possible, using linear interpolation. Interpolation is the general solution applied to all formulae because it was found that most of the formulae end up being too complicated to be inversed algebraically.
Copyright (c) 1996-98, World Health Organization

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6 Responses to Download Sample Size Determination in Health Studies

  1. Download Free, Use It Now says:

    Estimate your sample by this software. Actually, Sample Size software created by WHO to count the sample of the research easily and quickly. So, this software suitable for the Health Reaseachers and Public Health. Download it here

  2. Download Free, Use It Now says:

    Download Sample Size Determination in Health Studies, kalau Anda bingung cara memakainya Anda bisa mengirimkan email ke kami di atau ke

  3. Usman says:

    Mas Andoyo Yth :
    Setelah saya klik link Software Sample Size, ternyata link nya sudah crash. Saya butuh sekali software tersebut.
    Kiranya dapat dikirimi saya 1 softcopynya ke email saya ini.
    Terima kasih banyak atas bantuannya

    di Padang

  4. syifa says:

    butuh banget..

  5. agus says:

    pak saya juga sangat perlu software ini, mohon di kirimi via email softcopynya, mksh

  6. pak saya butuh banget program aplikasi ini..
    kirim donk k email saya..

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