Cuba Street and Courtenay Place – Wellington, New Zealand

Cuba Street and Courtenay Place in Wellington is the famous and interesting places. You can download the map by click this link (software) and this link (map in pdf), download here.

If Courtenay Place is the heart of Wellington’s entertainment sector, then Cuba Street has to be its soul. An ‘alternative melting pot’ , Cuba Street is known for its entertainment spots and watering holes, as well as the trendy dining and shopping in the area.

The personification of this spirit is seen in the hugely popular Cuba Street Carnival that saw more than 156.000 people. Cuba Street has long been ‘interesting’ in a bohemian sense, but it has now stamped itself with a certain style that is very attractive to people who seek something a little different. Students and people of all ages love to shop or converse in the many cafes and bars, away from speeding traffic. By day it’s a great place to find a special book, CD or item of clothing, and by night it’s just the place to dance or be entertained.

In Cuba Street you can enjoy your lunch time or dinner at Big Kumara, Comfort Hotel, Flying Burrito Brothers, Good Luck, Scopa, Mr Bun Bakery and Coffee Shops, Hallensteins, Havana Bar, Hotel Bristol, JJ Murphy’s Iris Pub, Logan Brown Restaurant, Motherhorn, Manners Mall, Olive Café, San Fransisco Bathouse, Southern Cross Restaurant, The Oaks Satay Noodle House, Tulsi Cuba Street, Wasabi Sushi Bar, and Zeal.


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